Parent Information

Required documentation for all players

DRAGONFLY MAX: Prior to the beginning of the first day of practice, parents MUST complete Parent Consent Form, Medical Release Form and Concussion Form online AND upload MHSA Physical Form with insurance card (new this year) with DRAGONFLY MAX.
  • Visit

  • Complete your information using your own email address or cell phone number. (You will enter your student’s email in a bit.)

  • Follow the prompts and when indicated, enter our school name or code:



  • Click “Add a Child”

  • Create your child’s profile then use the arrows at the top of the page to complete all required documents and forms.
    ☑️ 1. PHYSICAL completed no earlier than May 1st, 2021
    ☑️ 4. INSURANCE CARD OR Proof of accident insurance available for purchase after July 1st if need

  • Activity Fee $35: Students must pay their Participation Fee of $35 for each activity they will be participating in throughout the school year.

  • Activity Ticket $25: All students in MHSA activities including music, speech, and theatre are required to purchase a $25 activity ticket which allows entrance into all regular season athletic contests. For maximum benefit of required purchase of activity ticket, students are encouraged to purchase the activity ticket at the start of school to be used at all regular season football, volleyball, soccer, basketball and wrestling contests.

  • Spirit Pack Fee $30: Spirit packs are clothing items that identifies you as a member of the team and can be used for practice gear or travel. Each program determines if a spirit pack is required, purchased through the school or directly from the vendor.

Parent Responsibilities

First home game social Seniors parents
Crosstown Social (usually hosted with the Girls team) JV/Varsity parents
Senior Night Social Frosh/soph parents
JV/Varsity individual posters JV/Varsity parents
Program-wide cross town dinner JV/Varsity parents
Senior Night posters and decorations Senior parents
Pre-game dinners Individual teams/parents
JV/Varsity team poster for signing JV/Varsity parents
Wolfpups Anyone
Travel coolers

A representative from the Frosh/Soph team

And a representative from the JV/Varsity team

Team breakfasts for morning practices Individual teams/parents
Post-season playoff/State dinner, treat bags, decorations, etc. Seniors and Playoff team parents
Booster Club Liaison Anyone (helpful to have a contact from each team, but only 1 Liaison to the Booster Club is needed)



  • Reserve the A Pod. Contact Maggie McKay, Activities Assistant.  [email protected]
  • Decorate: tables are already in the pod, need some tablecloths and any other table decorations desired; coolers for drinks (coolers can be filled with ice from the training room and the school may have some coolers you can use); plates, napkins, utensils, (cups if needed); snack foods.
  • All socials are meant to be program-wide –all parents and players are welcome to stop in and socialize and eat, so if there are approximately 50 kids in the program every year, then there could be easily over 100 people who come to the social throughout the night. Generally, if each member of the group responsible brings SOMETHING, then there is enough.
  • Set-up and clean-up are responsibilities of the group organizing the social.



  • If someone will take the pictures, Tamara Williams and Insty Prints will print them. [email protected]; other vendors could be used as well
  • The boys and/or the parents decide what they want these posters to look like. Sometimes posters can be coordinated with the girl’s basketball program
  • It’s fun for the boys to have individual pictures for posters to hang in the gym, and also a team poster for signing, handing out, and posting around the school and the community. These team posters can be theme oriented.



  • The school will handle the organization of parent introductions and giving each mom a flower.
  • Players will write short bios and turn in to the activities office.
  • Parents will decorate the gym if they want.
  • Parents will get a photographer if they want one.
  • Parents will organize, prepare, and set-up the senior displays (tables and posters) if they wish to have this as part of senior night.
  • The school can help find easels for displaying posters and will provide tables.



  • Providing breakfast for some morning practices is a treat for the boys, helps parents not have to get food together for their athletes, and encourages boys to stay on campus after practice and get ready for school instead of running off and trying to get breakfast before school, etc.
  • Parents of each team practicing in the morning can organize this any way they want.
  • Past experience has shown that anything is appreciated—muffins, doughnuts, juice, fruit, yogurt, etc. Doesn’t have to be fancy!



  • If parents want to host teams at their house for pregame dinners, they should organize themselves to do this. For example, varsity parents can organize pregame dinners for the varsity team.  Usually, these dinners are held after practice, the night before a home game.



  • Wolfpups are the little boy basketball players who are introduced before the home varsity games. They get t-shirts, they sit on the bench during varsity warm-ups, they are introduced, and they run through the line of varsity players and then get to standout with the varsity players at the start of the game.
  • They are usually local rotary teams or middle school teams from feeder schools.
  • They get into the games for free—contact the activities office to get them on a pass list.
  • They are encouraged to stay and watch the varsity game, sitting on the bleachers behind the varsity team bench
  • The person(s) in charge of Wolfpups needs to:
    • make sure there are t-shirts for each player (contact Coach Harkins)
    • find teams to be Wolfpups for each home game—Coach Harkins sometimes has contacts to help find teams
    • talk to the Girls BB program about doubleheaders—sometimes for the sake of time, only ONE program (girls or boys) will host Wolfpups on a doubleheader night.
    • contact the team coach to organize a time and place to meet the team the night of the game
    • Escort the coach and players in through the ticket gate, walk them through the procedures for the night
    • Help during introductions



  • Before the HOME crosstown game, the basketball program hosts a program-wide dinner in the commons at GHS.
  • Reserve the commons through the activities office: [email protected]
  • Find a parent representative from each team to organize and help with communication with each team (frosh, soph, JV, varsity).
  • Decide on a menu. Easy options are pizza, lasagna, spaghetti, tacos.
  • Break down the dinner needs by team—i.e. freshman team members are responsible for bringing drinks and desserts for all players and coaches, sophomore team members bring side dishes (fruits and veggies, too), JV/Varsity team members bring main dishes, etc.
  • Get some parents to help with set-up and clean-up, as well as decorations (if desired)
  • Don’t forget plates, napkins, utensils!



  • Travel coolers are most helpful for long trips and overnight trips. Trips to Missoula generally do not need a cooler for the bus.
  • Travel coolers are put together by the parents of teams traveling to away contests, one for each bus. (Usually, there are 2 busses:  1 for frosh/soph teams, 1 for JV/Varsity teams).
  • Coolers are helpful to coaches if they have some snacks and some drinks in them for the boys to snack on during travel to the contest and the next day for overnight trips.
  • It doesn’t have to be much—the bus will usually stop at a convenience store, and the boys usually have money; but for those who don’t, or for the times where the bus stops at a rest stop instead, coolers are helpful.



  • Anything parents of the varsity post-season team want to do to help make playoffs and the State tournament a special experience is appreciated.
  • In the past, parents have organized:
    • A team dinner the night before the playoff game and/or the night before departing for the State Tournament
    • Treat bags for the players to have on the bus and in their hotel rooms
    • Travel coolers
    • Decorations for lockers and the commons area at GHS
    • Bus decorations
    • hotel room door decorations
    • State/playoff posters, etc.


  • Attends a few Booster club meetings (2-3?) throughout the year (September-April).
  • Communicates between the GHS Booster Club and the Boys Basketball team parents.
  • Organizes the Boys Basketball team basket that will be auctioned at the Booster Club fundraising $100 raffle ticket event in May
  • Gathers donations/money for the basket; puts the basket together; delivers the basket to GHS (or wherever the Booster Club would like it delivered!)